LED lighting for furniture

 would like to inform you about our new product created especially for the most demanding jewellery shops.

LED lighting for furniture (showcases, storage units, shop windows) and shopping space allows to present jewellery products in the most attractive way possible. Experience tells us that – in order to achieve it – attention should be paid to the following criteria:

  • Appropriate light level – light intensity and the number of light streams
  • Spectral clarity/optimum light spectrum
  • Colour temperature
  • Appropriate light diffusion
  • High-quality diodes and other componentry
  • Beautiful design

We offer various solutions dedicated also to jewellery stores.

The modern look and the design itself allow to use lighting displaying the items we want to distinguish and draw customers’ attention to. In the jewellery industry such an approach has been applied for years. To attract customers, it is crucial to exhibit jewels in the best light possible – the modern diode light provided by Astel Europe.

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