Welcome in 2016


 Welcome to our online visitors, repeat readers and customers in the new year of 2016.

Let your dreams come true and your plans be implemented!


Regarding our plans, we will present to you a brief overview of the past year and plan the next steps of development BestREKLAMA.

For Astel Europe BestREKLAMA project was a major in 2015. In April we signed a contract with the only Polish manufacturer of advertising and LED boards - RGB Technology company. We have become the first of 17 authorized distributors in Poland, we also presents the interests of RGB Technology in Ukraine. We believe in the Polish producer and theirs patented technology for the production of modules LED lights. For us 2015 became a time to discover and training.

At the end of the year, on December 30, we completed installation of large video screen, with an area of about 10m2 on the building of the Warsaw Grochowski hospital them. RafaƂa Masztaka. This is our first experience in cooperation with the state enterprise. To be honest bureaucracy surrounding the project were many, but the client had a professional and serious team so everything went smoothly and succeeded. Thank you!


Our biggest implementation, in close cooperation with the RGB Technology, was 2 mobile screens with an area of 20m2 for a Polish manufacturer of building materials GrainPlast


Besides that we had a lot of confusion with telebim for chain hotels - Sandra Spa and dozens of smaller implementation of the K2 displays or watches ZA-10, GT graphics screens, GX, GV to crosses RGB25 or CRS80.